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In 1953, the Domaine de FONTCREUSE became the property of Joseph Maffei, although still under the British flag, so to speak. At the beginning of the second world war, Joseph Maffei Cassidain by birth, in fact, joined the Royal Air Force only to return to civilian life in 1949.

Shot down with his bombardier over Berlin, then taken prisoner, he escaped and returned to British soil to join the fight once again. Companion of the Liberation, a restless and forthright man, Joseph Maffei journeyed through life with the same spirit and enthusiasm as on the day he enlisted to serve his country. It is thanks to this exceptional man that FONTCREUSE remains loyal to the tradition that forged the reputation of the Château de FONTCREUSE wine.
In 1987, shortly before his death, Joseph Maffei, a man of foresight, sold and transmitted FONTCREUSE to Jean-François Brando whose mission has since been maintaining its heritage and prestige of FONTCREUSE. With passion, FONTCREUSE combines its Terroir, its Tradition, a true respect for the progress of yesteryear, to implement today's advances that will form the Tradition of tomorrow.
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