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Colonel Teed, a British officer of the Indian army loved to holiday on the French Riviera. During one of his peregrinations, he discovered Cassis and literally fell in love with the place. He then decided to settle there and acquired the Château de FONTCREUSE.

FONTCREUSE soon became his passion. It was then that Colonel Teed redoubled his efforts, with the emphasis on quality, with the aim of developing a great White Wine that would forge the reputation of FONTCREUSE.

That gentleman farmer, a refined and cultivated man, was also the friend of many British authors. Hence it was not by chance that Virginia Woolf became a regular visitor to Cassis. Moreover, the author penned a number of books, in 1925 and 1929, in the stunning Bergère, a little house that is still standing today below the vines of FONTCREUSE, still affording an enchanting view of the hills in all seasons. [Next]
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